Speaker,Youth and Parent Coach, Author, Advocate and Empowerment Leader



Melinda Rae is empowering young girls and women through life changing workshops and cutting edge teaching. Melinda Rae is the founder of GIP Foundation Inc. and GIP Revolution, Inc. and has been an active leader in her community throughout the years.

Melinda developed a powerful and life-changing curriculum which helps women, parents and girls to reflect on themselves, become aware; providing them practical life-skills.  Melinda Rae teaches girls and women how to navigate their past and move forward; living successful and empowered lives.


Her desire is to make the program accessible to all youth. Melinda gives youth a road map for success. The Girls in Power program is building thoughtful, purpose-driven girls across all socioeconomics.

Melinda coaches parents and their children; working one-on-one, to develop healthy boundaries, effective communication, listening and managing skills. Melinda coaches parents and their daughters using her life experience, vast knowledge and two decades of working with mental health professionals. She uses the the Girls in Power curriculum as a foundation when coaching and teaching and specializes in advocating for youth with special-needs in Southern California. Melinda offers advocacy services and tutoring for children and their families locally.

Her first book, Empower Your Girl, enables and empowers mothers to be the most positive and influential role model in their daughter’s life. Mothers will be able to guide their daughters to be authentic and real. GirlsMelinda Rae learn to advocate and effectively communicate with their peers.


She understands the challenges teens face; as a teen herself she felt isolated, unloved and alone.

As a mother herself of three girls, Melinda provides parents the critical support they need and shows them how to open up the line of communication. She has developed a plan that re-connects mothers to their daughters. Melinda’s Girls in Power program provides the ability for both Mothers and daughters to honor the sacred bond between them.Mom and Daughter

Melinda leads youth down a path where they learn to advocate and demonstrate their needs; while learning what a great source of power and fulfillment a Mother can provide- the original “love” relationship.

Melinda Rae continues to be successful at overcoming adversities and triumphs in her recovery as she continues to pay it forward and help others.

Focusing on self-value, Melinda has positioned herself as a highly sought after speaker, coach, author, advocate and empowerment leader.  Melinda SoroptimistMelinda’s desire to help, intervene and advocate for the disadvantaged and at-risk youth has led her down a divinely orchestrated path to not only help youth, but inspire and encourage their mothers as well, creating a Revolution for all mothers and daughters who are excited to make changes in their world.

Leading by example, Melinda approaches everyone with compassion and inspires people to empower themselves; showing them, they too can overcome the challenges in their life by using the tools that she practices herself; allowing her to live a fulfilling and successful life.

Melinda’s Girls in Power program and the GIP Foundation is changing lives

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