Advocacy, Educational Consulting, and Coaching Parents

Melinda Rae has been working with school districts, educational planning, and special needs assessments, as well as integrating the appropriate needs for each child, for over a decade. She is available to help your family navigate the maze of education planning. Melinda has been coaching parents and youth and can coach you on communicating with school representatives, advising you on your child’s individual needs so that you can effectively integrate special accommodations and parenting for your child.

First, I’d like to commend you for an outstanding performance today at the meeting. You were the pillar of confidence and sage, thanks to you Shelly will become the Cinderella story in her school. I truly believe that.  ~ Yoel Kopeliovich

Melinda Rae consults with parents, educators, service providers, and businesses in many areas involving disabilities. Examples of consulting services she provides includes, but is not limited to:
• Independent Evaluations & Testing
• Representing Parents at Case Conferences
• Review of Individualized Education Programs for Parents
• Telephone Consultation with Parents of Special Needs Children
• Least Restrictive Environment
• Behavior Management Plans
• Classroom Adaptations
• Parent Rights
• Early Childhood Special Education Services
• Expert Witness

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