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Moms Experiencing Radical Change With Melinda Rae

The Girls in Power “programs” have touched the lives of many young girls, women and parents.

Struggling as a teen, I desired to “feel heard and matter” to the world and others around me. I desired to change my negative thinking, worry, and regret, feelings of shame and worthlessness; after so many years of poor decision making, failed relationships, afflictions and internal struggles.

My quest of re-programming my negative thinking, calming my spirit and desiring to love myself, accept myself and to connect to my purpose was the path that lead me to delivering the Girls in Power workshop series to young girls. Young girls have had success with finding a “new confidence, inner peace, emotional stability and the desire to pursue passions; as well to be able to handle the stress of everyday life; incluMom and Daughterding their bullies.”

Even with this success, I thought about long term success. The idea of adding “Mothers” to this picture filled me with more hope; as I believe if Mothers were to experience the Girls in Power workshops; then true and permanent transformation would take place and new and strong bonds would be formed.

This past spring, that is exactly what happened. Moms experienced radical change; transforming the way they handled life and how they experienced their loving and supportive bond with their daughters.

Mom’s completed the program with saying, “I had a major transformation; I feel equipped now, happy to start my day with joy and excitement as well as beginning to see new possibilities.” Mom’s stated, “My relationship with my daughter blossomed and we share a new special bond.”Talking Stick

Additionally, parents felt, relief and a new sense of confidence in their daughters and of their own ability to parent with love, faith and positive solutions.” We have witnessed changed attitudes and grateful hearts filled with peace and contentment.

Wow, isn’t this refreshing news?

I think so, and guess what I did next? I started  and I am delivering a life-changing coaching program to women. I have taken all the success and knowledge I have learned from the Girls in Power programs for tweens and teens and Mother’s and Daughter’s which I am now providing ALL women the opportunity to find inner peace, freedom to live with joy and contentment, as well as new skills to handle the stress, fear and worry. Women are reaching success in their life with applying valuable tools that I teach them to use, and women are ignited to change the way they manage and look at life.

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Do you dream? I mean, do you imagine what you want to be in life?

When someone asks you, “What do you want to be when you grow up,” do you answer honestly, or do you tell them what you think is appropriate?

When I get asked, “Melinda Rae, what do you want to be when you grow up, I say, I want to be a ‘Rockstar’.” This does not mean, I literally want to be on a stage with a guitar, singing and thrashing my head around. Rather, this means I want to SHINE and do amazing things in my life. I want to be BIG and make a dent in our universe. I want be my BEST and feel like a bright STAR in my life; feeling capable, empowering and inspiring others.

Using moments to dream, imagine and the time to allow yourself to desire grand and big hopes and passions are all important to living with satisfaction and joy.

If you focus on what you feel like you have failed at, a failed marriage, a failed relationship, or you focus on your losses or a lost job, then those will be the things you continue to attract. So rather than focusing on the negative, focus on the positive and on your dreams.

You were created with a wonderful imagination. Begin to allow yourself to use your imagination to illuminate your goals and desires; therefore you will bring your dreams into your reality.

I often teach and use a popular template, S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) as a starting point with goal setting. I add an “I” for inspiration and make sure my goal is relevant and is inspiring to me.

I incorporate using language that is inspiring and motivating!

Your goal should have intention and express who you are, rather than a mindset of “fixing” something. I found when I first allowed myself to dream “BIG” and I allowed myself to be deserving. I was really helping myself achieve “my dreams.”

There is a purpose to clarifying all the factors that play a role in the attainment of your goal right from the start. Your chances of success are increased because once you are clear about what we want to achieve, then you are already half-way to achieving it.

In Empower Your Girl I share, “Turning your vision into reality, overcoming your difficult circumstances, or finding your purpose depends on learning how to make the best of your life in every moment and to focus on attracting the things you want in life; however I find when I take my goals, vision and mission and create a vision board using it every day, to attract the things I DO want in my life I attain everything I believe in and I desire. Do you want to take the next step? If so, manifest what want you dream, desire, want and crave by creating a vision board” (Crown, 2012). Empower Your Girl

Directions to create a vision board:
1. “What is” a Vision Board (see my example).

Vision Board 2013 blog

2. Use images, scriptures, words which have special and intentional/purposeful meaning or lists be used?
3. Begin with your S.M.A.R.T. I. template, Personal Goal Sheet/Daily Habits (covered in my book, Empower Your Girl) and Wheel of Life/a wheel of your priorities.
4. Look through magazines, color, draw, write and glue your images down on poster board at least 11 x 14 size.
5. Add goals, mission and create your vision on a board.
6. Use your Daily Habit List to help you each day feel a sense of accomplishment , place your vision board where you can see it, take a picture of it and place on your phone/screen saver and review your board consistently.

Watch YOUR VISIONS come to life in the next few months.

“The idea behind this is, I found when I surround myself with images of want I want to become, what I want to have and do, where I want to live, or where I want to vacation, my life changes to match those images and those desires. You will find that what you focus on will expand. I use the law of attraction, along with prayer and petition, thankfulness and gratitude, living in the moment and accepting myself, to attract my desires and turn them into reality” (Crown, 2012).

Melinda’s “Top Secret” No. 2

I use my mission, vision, priorities wheel, daily habits to create a vision board and I place it in my home where I see it every day; use this board to guide your life in a positive direction.

When I visualize and focus on the goals I set for myself on a regular basis, all comes to pass.

Put what you want to happen in your life, front of your mind.

Finding Joy and Satisfaction in Daily Living

Finding joy and satisfaction in daily living helps me feel fulfilled, peace and zest each day. You are promised a full and satisfied life.

In my book, Empower Your Girl, I share tips and tools on how to find satisfaction and joy in your daily life.

Do you find yourself thinking, “I am not satisfied, I missed an opportunity, I lost my dream or my dreams have passed me by?”

If you are not happy, and have feelings overwhelming you; distracted, unfulfilled then consider the options you have. It is your choice and you can make the change; it is your choice on how you create more time, more space, more fulfillment, more focus, more energy, and more peace. Taking back control of your calendar or agenda, creating space and margins to rest and be still will all lead you to feeling more energy and engaged with things which make you feel alive and at peace” (Crown, 2012).

Empower Your Girl shares one tool I use to find my joy and satisfaction, daily, by evaluating and reviewing my life priorities, using a “Wheel of Life.”


This is a template used by many as is a model, which helps me stay in the moment by knowing what my priorities are; ultimately helping me live with intention in everything I do. I found it gave me a quick and easy way to graphically identify the areas in my life to of which I want to devote more energy to, and help me understand where I might want to cut back. My wheel of life empowers me to stay focused and not get “off balance,” continue to develop awareness of important areas, reduce stress and frustration. The wheel of life gave me a “helicopter view” of my life helping me when the road got BUMPY and I know it can help you too” (Crown, 2012).  **Download Empower Your Girl here

You ultimately have to have a reason to get out of bed every morning. You need to have dreams, visions and hopes. By taking the time to evaluate your life as it is, reviewing how you spend your time daily will illuminate if your priorities are congruent with your goals and dreams.

Staying productive is good, but what you do, is more important and a key element to finding joy. Keeping active is great, but ensuring your on track to achieving your goals is crucial and vital to you finding joy and satisfaction.

Melinda’s “Top Secret” No. 1

Each morning, before I start worrying about my day and my “to do list” or looking at my phone and computer I grab my cup of coffee and grab my devotionals.

I use Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life each morning.

Starting my day with being still, filling my mind with positive ideas, refreshing wise words, and faith of possibilities, help me at a foundational level.

Sometimes the devotion gives me the focus I need or a reminder that God is with me. Sometimes I connect with scripture or a call to action of thankfulness and gratefulness. Whatever the message for the day is…I am stepping out in the world with a positive frame of mind, a positive spirit and a hope for my future.