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Wow, what a day… My first book, Empower Your Girl, is available on Amazon today, 12-12-12.  We decided to price it really low at only $2.99.  Less than a Soy Cappucino at Starbucks :0)  You can get your copy here Empower Your Girl by Melinda Crown

I am blown away at how easy they make things for people that want to download Kindle books.  Here are a few things I didn’t know until recently…

  1. You don’t have to have a Kindle to download and read a Kindle book.  You can read Kindle books on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone.  Here is a link to all of them Free Kindle Reading Apps
  2. Amazon has a type of account called Prime. With Prime, Kindle owners can choose from over 145,000 titles to borrow for free – including all seven Harry Potter books and more than 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers – as frequently as a book a month, with no due dates.  Info Here  Amazon Prime
  3. You can “LIKE” someones book, and share your LIKE on Facebook and other Social Media accounts which helps with rankings just like reviews do Try it out  :0) LIKE and SHARE here
  4. Once you have your Amazon account set up, you can buy and download to the device of your choice with practically one click and be reading your new book in seconds

So amazing and easy to access, share, and enjoy!  Thanks again for all of your support and please enjoy the book if you get a copy of it.  If you do, I would appreciate it if you could write a brief review, even is it’s just sentence or two!


Excerpt from the Empower Your Girl Prologue:

Every parent, at one time or another, feels inadequate in some way and unable to effectively communicate with their pre-teen or teenager.  As a parent of 3 daughters and the author of this guidebook, entitled “Empower Your Girl”, I am thrilled to be able to offer you what has worked for me and effectively helped me become a proactive parent, set appropriate boundaries, and given my girls the ability to manage their anxieties and to communicate their needs to me.

At times on my journey as a parent, I lacked value and felt worthlessness, shame and guilt. Through hard work and focus along with hope, faith and trust I have become successful at managing myself as well as effectively communicating with others, especially my daughters. On my journey I discovered as I learned how to feel empathy and compassion for my special needs daughter, I was able to connect with her, learn from her; ultimately leading to my ability to empower her.

This guidebook will help you know what it means to focus on other people rather than yourself, enabling you to listen and effectively communicate to your daughter. You will also develop ways of coping and managing your time better; enabling you to teach your daughter the keys she needs for her success. I found once I was able to better time-manage, find value in myself, and manage my anxiety I was better able to “hear” my daughter which created an opportunity for bond that led to a deep love and understanding of each other. The best thing you can do to help your daughter, is to help her believe in herself, draw appropriate boundaries, and manage her anxious thoughts……

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