Empower Your Girl is a guide to help your daughter believe in herself, to draw appropriate Empower Your Girl in Printboundaries, and manage anxious thoughts. This book enables and empowers you, as a mother, to be the most positive and influential role model in your daughters life. It helps you guide your daughter to find herself, to be real, to effectively communicate with her peers, and advocate for herself.

The book focuses on helping you come from the heart with empathy, compassion, listening, and modeling love and respect.

The practical tools shared in this book enable, you, as a person to become self-aware and realize you are not alone. We are people who have emotions and feelings, thoughts and actions; some of which are not serving us well.

I just received this book today and I’m already loving this only after a few pages. Melinda does a great job on letting you know you’re not alone on feeling inadequate when it comes to communicating with your young daughter. We all know young girls can be quite emotional. In searching for books that would help me understand how to talk to my daughter I found other books to be a bit more emotionless or text book like. Empower your girl is NOTHING like that. This book was written by a mom who knows how to communicate to her readers as well as her own young girls. I must say I am very please so far. I’m not deep in the book yet, but i can already see that this book would work for children as young as toddlers if your toddler is around 3 or so, where they’re able to communicate thoughts and feelings clearly. well done! ┬áK. Michel


Preview of Audio Book – Chapter on Managing the Self

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