Empower Your Girl – Mom’s and Daughter’s In-Home Study

The original “love” relationship begins with a Mother. In this program Mothers and Daughters discover their own inner-beauty, connect with their passions, and develop new confidence while learning self-value. JenniferGIP Moms & Daughters equips both Mothers and their Daughters with self-managing tools which allow them to live with satisfaction and joy, and build-in positive daily habits so they are motivated and energized to chase their dreams.

The GIP curricula explores and opens up the communication channel for the mother-daughter to discover how to listen, empathize and be compassionate to each other’s “own” desires, needs and wants.

Young girls have the opportunity to turn towards their mothers and discover the mother-daughter relationship; a great source of power, fulfillment and understanding of themselves.yoga

For the first time ever, the GIP Mom’s and Daughter’s Program is being made available to the public in a digital purchase option and the final touches are being added now.  This program provides 10 empowering and easy modules, instructional videos, workbook and bonus material. 

GIP believes the Mother-daughter relationship sacred; a bond that is unique and this GIP program helps Mom’s and Daughters discover how to honor that bond, share stories, and make lasting memories.

The long awaited GIP Mom’s and Daughter’s In-Home Study Program is available now for only $197.  Purchase HERE