“Stuck and feeling powerless in my life I decided to sign up for Melinda’s one on one coaching through Girls in Power. The encouragement, support and tools I learned have helped me to overcome obstacles in my life.

I have learned to identify what keeps me stuck. And I have also learned to identify what brings me joy. Most importantly I am focusing on my blessings and the gift of everyday moments.

I am moving forward in life, I feel empowered with my new tools. Thank you Melinda for the opportunity to work with you in your coaching program, I always felt safe, supported, and loved.”

Andrea Volpe



“My daughter, who is 7 years old, has been experiencing some challenges at school both from an academic and social perspectives. Melinda’s coaching program is multi-dimensional and provides priceless tangible and intangible benefits such as: (1) Building confidence and self esteem, (2) Understanding yourself and the world around you, (3) Opens up communication channels between the child and parents. Melinda teaches our daughter “Emotional Intelligence.”

The curriculum of the program targets both children and their parents. There are many things that children keep to themselves and are reluctant to share with their parents and as well we sometimes are too busy or lack the patience.

The GIP program is designed to coach parents to tune in and listen to their children more carefully. Alternatively, GIP teaches children how to approach parents for help and be their confidant.The program helped my daughter to open up to my wife and I. Alternatively; we also learned to identify the various parenting mistakes that we kept making.

Melinda took the time to listen to my daughter and pay attention to her body language and cues. The first thing that she did is to observe, collect data points, analyze them, and customize her approach and strategy to the specific needs of my daughter. This approach already paid dividends after the first session. After the first session with Melinda, my daughter opened up to me emotionally and shared thoughts that I never heard before. It made a huge impact and a complete transformation in our relationship. We are working to build this parent child trust and carry it forward to the rest of our lives.

I would highly recommend the program to other families. I like to use the analogy comparing children to clay. Parents are the “artists” who shape the clay when the child is young. Later when a shape is formed it is put into an oven where it becomes solid and rigid. The childhood early years is when the clay is still soft. It is crucial to shape it right and with the proper tools. Parents need to face the “mirror” and see the mistakes they are making. This program is that mirror the exposes all the flaws and works with you to remedy them.” Yoel K.


“I definitely hope that we have an opportunity to work with your program again in the future. This program has been a game changer for us.

I know this has helped Delaney with improving her anxiety and self-image, learning to open up and share with me in new ways. I know she will continue to make steps towards building confidence and self-esteem. We have a long road ahead of us but at least we are at a good starting point towards changing the path she has been on and gaining a better understanding of her needs and the way she perceives the world.

This program has definitely had such an impact on my own life. I remember when we started this program, I made the comment that I wish I could have the feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling good and ready to face the day. I had a day like that occasionally but not very often as my health was not so great and I did not feel very optimistic about the future. I felt I had too much to overcome and was dwelling a lot about the past and the things I could not do anymore. Now most days I feel energetic and vibrant and ready to face the day – whatever that may be. I feel happy. That’s the feeling I was waiting for – feeling happy. Now there are plenty of obstacles yet to deal with but I’m finally dealing with them. I was able to let go of some of the things that were holding me back, gain a more positive outlook on life and make a plan to improve certain aspects of my life I felt needed to change. I’m seeing solutions and following through to make the necessary changes and that makes all the difference. So I just want to thank you for everything you have given us. Its a precious gift that you have given to us that cannot be taken away.” ~ Jennifer P.


“I feel fortunate. GIP is such a blessing. I can hear Melinda’s voice like a little birdy on my shoulder, when times get hard or worrisome. I hear the reminders of the tips and tools GIP teaches. I plan on continuing to use the guidelines, Melinda has taught me, in every day of my life. I have been inspired and moved to continue the journey, of LIFE. Thank you, Melinda Rae and Girls in Power, for making this 10 week journey possible. My daughter, Elizabeth has blossomed and ‘come out of her shell.’ GIP has taught her better communication skills. Her communication has improved immensely; she has opened up and begun talking more. Elizabeth has improved her connections with other family members. She has the ability to seek information and clarification. She trusts me more, as her mother and our relationship has grown. Thank you Melinda Rae and Girls in Power, I would recommend your program to other women and their daughters.” ~ Lea B.


“Melinda Rae and the GIP curriculum has taught me how to think before I act and really consider my daughter’s feelings first. My journey with GIP has helped me to pause and consider my actions-I have really been practicing ‘pausing and listening more;’ thus my relationship with my daughter has blossomed. I have the confidence to contemplate how I am going to share information with her and I have seen the benefits from doing this. I really have learned to put her needs first while setting appropriate parental guidelines. My daughter, Madelaine has demonstrated her love and affection for me. GIP has done a great job at teaching her empathy and compassion; she really is absorbing the information taught in workshops. Madelaine and I go through the ‘in home modules’ and we work together. She is demonstrating her ability to advocate for herself and trust more. She is making friends and better choices. Madelaine overall is more respectful of me as her Mother and is more open to change. Thank you Melinda Rae and Girls in Power for the positive change in our lives.” ~ Sylvia S.

Testimonials 2013

“Your workshop has opened a door in my brain that is helping me with my Peace, Love, Beauty workshops. I’m getting the momentum again to keep my dream alive. YOUR workshop is beginning to give me the opportunity to change my life AGAIN! We are only in week 2 and I feel wonderful! Thank you, Melinda!!!” ~Lea B.

“I did exactly what you said, and everything worked perfectly! 15 minutes with you made a world of difference. Thank you, Melinda!” ~ Karen C.

Lea writes, “Dear Melinda,

Your workshop has opened a door in my brain that is helping me with my Peace, Love, Beauty workshops. In my workshops I focus on bringing the inner beauty to the surface, helping women to feel beautiful inside AND out. I feel the two go hand in hand. 🙂 so far I’m getting the momentum again to keep my dream alive. YOUR workshop is beginning to give me the opportunity to change my life AGAIN !

We are only in week 2 and I feel wonderful ! Thank you, Melinda !!!

“You are truly a blessing in my life. I am sad to see this GIP workshop series to end soon. You know exactly what to say in our hangouts and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this. I want my daughter to continue being involved with your program as well as myself.

Thank you for being you.” ~ Lea B.