Women’s And Girl’s Coaching

With Melinda Rae’s women’s and girl’s coaching, you are going to feel renewed passion and connection with your dreams and loved ones. You will experience satisfaction in daily living; you will be in control of your life and live with confidence. You will know how to find joy and peace in your day, even when you get thrown a curve ball. Melinda Rae instills in you the desire to be in the moment and she helps you connect with your purpose.

You are going to understand and accept yourself and others with more ease. This women’s coaching session package is designed to give you the skills and ability to feel respected and honored because you will be taking control of your agenda. You will refine your communication and gain the ability to draw needed boundaries with others; ending the feelings of anger, shame, resentment and inadequacies. With Melinda’s women’s coaching, you will be able to overcome old hurts and wounds and live with less fear and live with MORE faith.

Although Melinda doesn’t work with everyone, she is currently offering free 15 Minute Coaching Sessions.  Call Melinda today to reserve your free Time Slot.