Melinda is regarded as an authority and expert in providing parent and family coaching for those families needing guidance and effectiveness in parenting with results.

Melinda Rae is raising three girls and her oldest is 18. Melinda has been raising a special needs child. In fact, Melinda realized early on in raising her girls that all three of her daughters require a strong, loving and firm hand; plus lots of patience. Each of her daughters has their own unique set of needs.

Melinda Rae believes empathy, compassion and active listening are key components, necessary, in raising children and as well as doing business with others. Melinda realized early in her eldest daughters childhood that she must understand and provide what her special needs daughter required in order to help her excel and develop self-esteem.

I plan on continuing to use the guidelines, Melinda has taught me, in every day of my life. I have been inspired and moved to continue the journey, of LIFE. Thank you, Melinda Rae   ~Lea B.

Melinda Rae committed herself to being the best parent possible; but most importantly to advocate for her daughter in the school system. Melinda is aware of the challenges which present themselves in raising adolescents and how crucial it is for every child to feel valued, heard, and loved. Melinda recognizes the importance of boundaries and limits which youth need to learn; as they are met with conflicts with peer relationships and difficult decisions.

She has discovered and utilized a special combination of parenting skills; yielding positive results in her own daughters lives and in her relationship with her girls. Melinda has guided her daughters in overcoming their adversities and has been role modeling and teaching her girls how to effectively communicate, time-manage and set boundaries.

My journey has helped me to pause and consider my actions – I have really been practicing ‘pausing and listening more;’ thus my relationship with my daughter has blossomed. I have the confidence to contemplate how I am going to share information with her and I have seen the benefits from doing this. I really have learned to put her needs first while setting appropriate parental guidelines. My daughter, Madelaine has demonstrated her love and affection for me. ~ Sylvia S.

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