Melinda is regarded as an authority and expert in providing parent and family coaching for those families needing guidance and effectiveness in parenting with results.

Melinda is aware of the challenges which present themselves in raising young girls and adolescents and how crucial it is for every child to feel valued, heard, and loved; Melinda’s specialty. Melinda recognizes the importance of teaching and guiding children to develop time-management. She has the ability to connect with youth right where they are in life; whether they are experiencing anxious moments, stressful and tough relationships, or challenges with their school work.

Melinda deals with students (your children) on a one-on-one basis, treating every student/child as an individual. With complete dedication, you will notice substantial improvement with your child as she approaches difficult homework and how she handles in classroom situations.

Melinda’s experience with a variety of special needs and gifted students allows her to customize her approach; as she helps each child feel value. This approach has a tremendous impact on your child’s self-esteem. The most important factor in a child’s success is for her to feel confident in her ability, even though she may recognize her struggles from time-to-time. Melinda incorporates techniques youth can use when they hit the bumps in their day. Melinda guides your child through her challenges to reach success. Melinda empathizes and has a profound impact on the student; allowing your child to realize her capability thus enlisting new found coping techniques, to counter challenging tasks.

Melinda’s loving but firm approach involves boundaries and limits.

Melinda guarantees noticeable progress with each student and full satisfaction with her tutoring services.

She models skills that each child needs to develop. Melinda validates and reminds the child where her strengths lie and where she may need to learn new approaches; which are suitable to her.

I tailor my services to meet every student’s specific academic needs, including those with LD (Learning Disabilities) and ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Active Disorder), as well as Autism, Dysgraphia, Anxiety and ED (Emotional Disturbances).

I provide high quality tutoring services which provide superior student skills in mastery, studying, writing, reading, and better overall academic grades as well as confidence.

My services generally encompass, but not limited to, to working with students who have a SST or an IEP (Special Accommodations); therefore I am willing to communicate with the student’s teacher or offer advisement on communication as well as I am available for hire for such meetings.

Please contact Melinda via the contact form or at 805-559-4447 for details on fees.